Description of the Rigorous Graphing Applet

The user supplies the following:

The function f(x)
Allowed are the four standard arithmetic operations +, -, *, / and the standard functions sin, cos, exp, ln, sqrt and expr^int, where expr is any expression and int is any integer. Numerical constants are either floating point constants like 3.141, or intervals formed by such constants, for example [3.141, 3.142].
The domain over which the function is plotted.
The visible range of the function.
Number of Nodes
The domain is partitioned in that many subintervals of equal lenght.


Root Finder
Click once on canvas to find an enclosure for the nearest root. The numerical value of the root will be displayed, and the root will be marked on the canvas.
Range Chooser
Click and drag mouse on canvas to choose new ranges.

Last modified by Wolfgang Kühn on Sunday, 10 October 1999