The main causes of stress are listed below. Psychologists regard 300 points as being the breaking point for the average person. Eighty per cent of people with scores of over 300 and 53 per cent with scores between 150 and 300 are likely to suffer some form of stress-related illness.

Death of spouse100 Change of type of work36
Divorce73 Change in number of arguments with spouse35
Legal separation from spouse65 Mortgage above $10000031
Jail sentence63 Foreclosure of loan or mortgage30
Death of close relative63 Change in responsibilities at work30
Personal injury or illness53 Son or daughter leaving home30
Getting married50 Difficulties with spouse's relative29
Losing job47 Outstanding personal achievement28
Reconciliation with spouse45 Children starting or finishing school26
Retirement45 Change in living conditions25
Change in health of close relative44 Revision of personal habit24
Pregnancy40 Poor relation with work superior23
Sexual problems39 Change in work hours or condition20
New addition to close familiy39 Change of residence20
Business readjustment39 Mortgage less than $10000017
Change in financial state38 Holidays12
Death of close friend37 Christmas11
Source: John Humphries, Managing Through People, How To Books, 1999